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Green Chimneys: Abuse In Business Since 1947

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Attorney General Schneiderman, Senators Gillibrand & Schumer, Gov. Cuomo:

We are writing you today asking your office to hold a formal investigation of Green Chimneys and Managing Director and Founder Samuel B. Ross Jr. Green Chimneys has a long standing history of abuse. The current director Joseph Whalen has an M.BA and no background in psychology or any child/human services related field. Dr. Ross is a fraud who touts animals and farm life as the one answer to everything.

Green Chimneys has been the subject of multiple lawsuits over the years. More often than not the plaintiffs are paid off so as not to give Green Chimneys a black eye. Two murders named Philip Zagarella and Eric Napoletano were at Green Chimneys in the 1970s. We found out about them online. There's even a book about Napoletano called 'Mama's Boy" by Richard Pienciak. Animals certainly did not cure them. You can read about them online.

There are Green Chimneys survivor sites on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other watchdog groups. We need your help. Sexual and physical abuse continue at Green Chimneys. There is even a video on YouTube about the abuse there called Green Chimneys Facts.

According to the Deseret News: "Some of the schools have been criminally investigated by state or local authorities, including an expansive probe by the New York Attorney General's Office of Ivy Ridge Academy near the border of Canada and the United States." Please conduct a similar AND thorough investigation into Green Chimneys.

Education at Green Chimneys has been called very inadequate. You can read online and it takes place to this day that grades 1-8 are split into A and B. Students in B classes are called slow and there have been questions as to whether any of the "teachers" have credentials. Kids are slapped; have their hair pulled; called retarded and beaten. In some cases they are dragged out of the room at the whim of the teacher and not because of any discernible behavior. Survivors we have talked to all say the same thing - you spend more time doing farm chores than you do in a classroom. Upon leaving Green Chimneys, you have to work hard to maintain your grade level because Green Chimneys has such woefully inadequate material and standards.

Among the many complaints, these include but are not limited to the following:

Hiring sexual predators such as one Mr. Doig in the 1970s
Beating Kids
Dr. Samuel B. Ross Jr. beating, slapping, kicking kids and making them eat cigarettes
Sexual predators among older students; sexual abuse
Kids being slapped; kicked; having their hair pulled and being thrown to the ground and in some cases walked on
Roomleaders and other larger, older students and staff taking things from younger kids
Hiring teenagers under the age of 18 to be in charge of each dorm room, some of whom are abusive and beat the younger kids with impunity
Hiring house staff who are abusive and whose backgrounds have not been provided
Holding public beatings conducted by Dr. Samuel B. Ross Jr.
Meager portions of food during meal times and the food is usually cold when it arrives
Dragging kids out of the mess hall and beating them when they request more food
Some staff would beat kids indiscriminately

This petition on was started by a group of Green Chimneys survivors asking for justice, and who are trying to protect the kids who are still in there. We are calling on your office to hold a formal investigation of the schools immediately.


Karen A. Petit

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