Take Sex Offender off South Asian Airwaves

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We are a collective of diverse individuals from the greater Houston area and the heterogenous South Asian American community. We write this to express our concern that an individual who pled guilty to the offense of sexual assault of a child between the age of 14 - 17 and is now a registered sex offender remains a radio jockey and the public face of Masala Radio.

We are also disturbed to see that several cultural organizations, small businesses, and local companies continue to advertise through Masala Radio and endorse events spearheaded by Masala Radio, such as the Houston Holi Festival on March 24, while the face and brand of Masala Radio remains unchanged.

By keeping a sex offender on air and conducting business as usual, Masala Radio and all Masala Radio advertisers implicitly condone the criminal behavior. Additionally, when organizations and businesses utilize Masala Radio for advertising services and collectively plan events with Masala Radio without calling for accountability, they directly align themselves with a sex offender.

We call for Masala Radio to reconsider the face of their brand and remove a radio jockey that is a registered sex offender off the air. Our hope is also that Masala Radio advertisers, cultural organizations, small businesses, and local companies will put pressure on Masala Radio to make these changes, or sever ties until such changes are made. We most importantly hope to say unequivocally to our peers and the next generation that sexual assault is a crime and that the community will be a source of support for victims and denounce the perpetrators.

For too long our community has created an uncomfortable environment for sexual assault to be reported. In this era of “me too,” as other sexual assault offenders are rightfully removed from leadership and employment positions, it is time for our community to acknowledge “we too” will take some action. Anything less communicates a deafening silence to survivors and all of the young children looking to us as models. #timesupthakkar #stepdownsunil

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