Gaursons India Pvt Ltd. first finish the pending tasks then get the MOT signed

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We invested our life savings to buy a flat in 1st Avenue, Gaur City-1, Sector-4, Greater Noida West from a very reputed builder "Gaursons Hi-tech Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd." but what we got were unfinished, sub-standard quality flats with no facilities as promised by the builder. 

At the time of purchasing the flats, the builder promised facilities such as Clubhouse, Nursing home, green area, sewage treatment plant, a 3 tier security system, electricity backup, ample parking space for guests and visitors, etc. but in reality, what we got is:

1. No Clubhouse.

2. A non-functional below capacity sewage treatment plant which is leading to the dumping of untreated sewage waste in the main sewage pipes which might lead NGT to impose heavy fines on the residents 

3. No Nursing home

4. A very lousy security system which has led to thefts and other mishappenings

5. The generators provided for electricity backup are very old and runs on diesel which creates pollution and is time and again objected by NGT

6. Green Carpet instead of actual green grass

7. The builder has charged us one-time connection charges for 5KW power connection but in reality, the builder has not purchased adequate power load from NPCL and we are still paying monthly recurring fixed charges for a 5KW connection

8. No Guest Parking and the parking size is also not as per the norms.

9. The builder has also converted the common passages into parking slots and has sold them at exorbitant prices.

10. The builder has left no space in the society for the movement of fire tender which may prove fatal in case of any fires or emergencies.

11. A leaking basement which is in a dilapidated condition which is endangering the structural integrity of the buildings in which around 1600 flats are built.

12. A very shoddy work which has lead to seepages and leakages in many flats.  

13. Cracks running across the length of the premises which is again a threat to the structural integrity of the towers

14. Unpaid water dues which amounting to around INR 3.5 crores

15. Flooding of the basement and the common areas such as driveways, central park during Monsoons

16. Unfinished civil works such as plaster and paints.

As per the UP Apartment Act 2010, the builder is obligated to finish all the pending works, obtain a completion certificate from Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, facilitate in the election of AOA and then gradually hand over the society maintenance to the elected AOA. 

The builder has in the past and in the present using all kinds of pressure tactics to get the MOT signed without resolving important issues and finishing pending tasks. The builder is using illegal pressure tactics such as:

1. Stopping of prepaid meter recharge facility for maintenance and electricity payments and have started accepting cheques in the name of AOA which is illegal before "Memorandum of Transfer" is signed by the GC1 AOA

2. Denial of domestic waste disposal 

3. Removal of Guards from the premises which poses a security threat in an already "unsafe" Noida Extension

4. Stopping of maintenance activities

5. Stopped salary of maintenance staff and vendor

6. Non-payment of electricity bill of last month to NPCL

7. Termination of AMCs of essential services like Lifts

Over the past few months the AOA and the residents of the 1st Avenue, Gaur City-1 have repeatedly requested the GNIDA and other authorities to take these issues into cognizance and stop the builder from doing these illegal malpractices but all have gone unheard.

Through this petition, I request the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, the UP Government and other authorities to take these issues into cognizance and stop the builder from doing all these malpractices. It is also requested to the builder to finish all the pending work and then get the MOT signed from the 1st Avenue AOA.