20mph Zone and Night Time HGV Traffic Order for Histon Road, Cambridge

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We the undersigned call on the Greater Cambridge Partnership together with Cambridgeshire County Council to implement:

-   A  20mph speed limit from Victoria Road/Huntingdon Road to Windsor Road/Akeman Street.

-  A night time HGV Traffic Control Order from Victoria Road/Huntingdon Road to Kings Hedges Road


Histon Road is a popular residential road with three local schools situated either side and a small number of commercial premises. The southern narrow or 'city' section of Histon Road consists of terraced Victorian homes. The wider section of Histon Road north of  Windsor Road consists essentially of detached and semi detached residences.

It is currently designated as a 30mph traffic zone along its entire length to the city boundary.

Greater Cambridge Partnership have published proposals to create 'advisory' cycle lanes for much of the road within the city boundary and to remove residents parking. By creating a 'clearway' they hope to improve the flow of traffic and meet criteria set by the HM Treasury as part of a 'City Deal' in order to receive the next tranche of central funding. The suggested scheme includes improvements that should, hopefully, improve Histon Road for the benefit of all users including additional crossings and some 'greening' whilst also retaining much of the existing features and planting.

Night-time HGV 'rat-running' on Histon Road is causing problems for residents. Buildings are shaken VERY badly.  The speed, size and weight of these vehicles are  totally unsuited to an urban residential road. The vehicles keep residents awake, damage properties and create additional hazards for late night road users including cyclists.
The problem is magnified further when there are traffic jams, accidents or roadworks on the surrounding major road networks.

A night time HGV traffic order (as already implemented on adjoining Gilbert Road and Victoria Road) will help mitigate the effects of HGV night time 'rat running' on Histon Road.  

The Greater Cambridge Partnership have proposed improved and much needed new cycling infrastructure for Histon Road. However the narrow width of the 'city' end of Histon Road is woefully inadequate for a combination of 'advisory cycle lanes' and wider vehicles. The implementation of a 20mph zone for the lower part of Histon Road has been recommended by a number of local organisations including the Cambridge Cycling Campaign. 

The Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Committee consider both these proposals as tabled for potential inclusion in the Histon Road development scheme. They instructed their project manager to include them as part of the current public consultation 

GCP Executive Meeting 21.03.18  https://youtu.be/GOq4IcXkK0o  View from 16.35

In order to improve the safety and quality of life for local residents and all users of Histon Road we, the undersigned, request:

-   A 20mph limit for Histon Road from Victoria Road/Huntingdon Road to Windsor Road/Akeman Street.

-   A night-time  HGV Traffic Control Order from Victoria Road/Huntingdon Road to Kings Hedges Road.