Stop Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach giving away LIVE GOLDFISH as prizes

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Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach are giving away live goldfish as prizes. 

The people who win these live animals often have no idea how to care for these fish. They are easily stressed and suffer from shock, stress or may even die from changes in water temperature or oxygen starvation. They are kept in tiny plastic boxes in the full sun, heating the water to unbearable temperatures.

Because of this most fairground fish die within the first 48 hours, often before new owners can even get them home.

If an animal is to be won as a prize, it is an offence to enter into an arrangement with a person reasonably believed to be under 16 who is not accompanied by an adult. But even parents often have no idea how to, or no desire to, care for these live animals.

If we win, these poor goldfish will not be subject to such torturous and shot lives.