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Great Hearts Anti Transgender Policy

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Great Hearts Academies is a school district of charter schools spanning across Arizona and Texas. These academies teach a message of truth, beauty, and, goodness to students K-12, through a curriculum of great books and education of a well-rounded person. Great Hearts says, "We believe that the highest goal of education is to become good intellectually and morally". This contradicts a recent policy that Great Hearts made in regards to allowing students to fully express themselves physically and morally. Furthermore, this policy discourages a community of tolerance and acceptance, and most importantly discourages goodness; one of the core values of Great Hearts.

Did you know that the Arizona Board of Directors for Great Hearts Academies passed a policy in June of 2016 discriminating against trans youth? This policy prohibits transgender students from wearing the uniform they feel most comfortable, using the bathroom they feel safest in. This also allows teachers to use incorrect pronouns in addressing their students. This policy is based off of the incorrect assumption that gender and biological sex shown on the birth certificate are synonymous. explains why this contradicts the morals of the district and the direction of our society,

-"This policy fails at a fundamental level to ensure the civil rights of all students as protected by Title IX of the Federal Code and the constitution of the United States". ( explains Title IX: "A comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis on sex and any federally funded education program or activity".

- "The policy fails to make a safe environment, free of harassment, bullying, and prejudice of a specific population of its students".

This petition is created by Great Hearts students who hold both love and pride for their schools and communities, and therefore feel the need to call upon Great Hearts to change their policy. We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience Great Hearts as we have, which is a supportive and safe environment.


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