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Great Expressions Dental Centers Must Receive HIV Education

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Previous petiton was eliminated due to threats of lawsuit to petitioner from Great Expressions Dental Centers:


As reported by journalist Todd Heywood through Poz magazine on December 8th.

Allegedly, after being diagnosed with HIV, James White was banned from touching doorknobs, was followed around by coworkers with bottles of Lysol, and subjected to sudden and abrupt schedule changes. After complying with the schedule changes, he was written up for "unexcused absences."

After seven months of enduring this alleged unjustified discrimination, White fell ill and was hospitalized for a week. Great Expressions Dental allegedly called to terminate his employment the day before he was scheduled to return back to work.
White's lawyer, Nicole Thompson, has received the "right to sue" letter from the EEOC and is currently in the process of filing a lawsuit demanding compensatory and punitive damages of $140,000 and $45,000, respectively, and requiring the company to post notice of the agreement as well as providing training on HIV/AIDS and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Direct findings from the EEOC state:
"The Commission's investigation substantiates the Charging party's allegations that the Respondent organization subjected him to discriminatory discipline, that the Respondent organization denied Charging Party reasonable accommodation, and that the legitimate non-discriminatory reason offered for the Charging Party's discharge was untruthful (i.e. pretextual)."
This extreme case of HIV discrimination and gross violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act is unacceptable. Centers for Disease Control state that HIV/AIDS is not transmitted by casual contact. It is not transmitted by touching doorknobs or sharing counter space. We should expect and demand that all medical providers have this basic knowledge.

These acts were not ordered out of concern for public safety, but rather were sheer acts of fear and ignorance.

The situation that Mr. White endured is unacceptable. We demand the public apology and acknowledgment of this discrimination. Great Expressions Dental in Detroit must acknowledge discriminatory tactics and hindrance of employment equal opportunity and ADA violations.
We must fight for change. Mandate all Great Expressions Dental employees to receive a minimum of 8 hours of HIV Education per year. Workplace discrimination of any kind to any person is unacceptable.


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