During this Covid19 and financial crisis we will not be able fo pay the fee now.

During this Covid19 and financial crisis we will not be able fo pay the fee now.

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This petition is a request in behalf of all the students of GEU/GEHU to Ask for fees after lockdown keeping in cocern of Covid19. We request to the concerned department of the university,as in this situation of financial crisis it is very difficult for middle class families to pay the fee of the university. Hope everyone understands the situation and support the petition.

The universities around the country were closed by mid-March, due to the spread of coronavirus. The 21-day lockdown, which was scheduled to end on April 14, has now been extended until May 3 and there are chances that it can be extended further. Our university have already started teaching and learning activities online.

Most of the resources provided by the university (Labs, events, facilities, study spaces, networking, workshops, infrastructure) are closed/restricted and there is a compromise in education as everything is online. Hence, the university should not demand the fee at this point of time it is very difficult for a middle class family to pay the fee and also the the tuition fee can be reduced from March 2020 till the university reopens all the facilities.

As everyone knows student pays a huge amount of fee. There are a lot of issues during this COVID-19 situation.

1) There is a lockdown in the country affecting the incomes of our parents.

2) Lots of people have lost their jobs and are not in the condition to pay a huge amount of fees.

3) Asking hefty or full fee that too at this particular time period is not expected from a reputed university

4) as we are not using any university resources so the fee can be reduce