Save Wilton Elementary School from being closed by Granville County Public School system

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If GCPS closes Wilton it will be closing the top performing elementary school in the county.

Wilton Elementary School has an enrollment of 261 and in 2019 ranked better than 86.4 percent of elementary schools in North Carolina and ranked first of the elementary schools in GPCS, according to scores from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. 32 percent of the Wilton students are there by choice, not districts, and there are families who pay out of county tuition to attend and go out of their way to attend Wilton. Wilton is one of more than 300 worldwide elementary schools participating as a “Leader in Me” lighthouse school, implementing Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a process that costs about $50 per student for the first three years and is invested in about $20 per student a year following, according to the Leader in Me website. That investment will be wasted if GCPS closes Wilton.  

If GCPS feels it is in fact a good idea to close a school this year, during a time when we've been away from our schools for six months, students are being withdrawn for homeschooling in record numbers (and when schools are receiving last year’s state and federal funding regardless of enrollment thanks to Covid) let’s ask them to choose to bring students and teachers up and not down. Let’s keep up the momentum at one of the jewels in the crown of GCPS and highlight Wilton for it's achievements and not use it as an example that above all else, enrollment numbers are sacred. 

Enrollment numbers suffer because families choose to attend area charter and private schools because of a school system that would consider closing one of their best schools, a system that promises to promote excellence but in the case of closing Wilton, would be punishing it.