Stop Inviting The Belvoir Hunt To Grantham!

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We, the public of Grantham and our supporters, wish to make it clear that we consider the annual invite extended to the Belvoir Hunt, by the Mayor of Grantham [Adam Stokes], to be a stain on this town. In the past two hunting seasons, the Belvoir Hunt have been responsible for holding a dehydrated fox captive which resulted in the conviction of a gamekeeper associated with the hunt, attacking two wildlife crime investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports - one of them so severely that his neck was broken, later killing three foxes in front of care home staff, hunt saboteurs and Leicestershire Police's Police & Crime Commissioner, even committing assault & criminal damage in the commotion.

They have now been handed numerous convictions, and we do not welcome their presence nor their barbaric behaviour. Never again should they be invited to Grantham by the Mayor. Our protests will be repeated each year until they stop coming.

If people want to help us out, send us a message on Facebook... please also sign these two seperate petitions (here & here (UPDATE - this second petition has closed at 510 signatures)) relevant to the Belvoir's atrocious behaviour!