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Mars: please stop using palm oil in your products

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We are facing an extinction crisis in Indonesia, Malaysia and Borneo due to the deforestation of the habitation of orangutans and 30% of animals facing permanent end. The Sumatran Tiger will be lost in 3 years and orangutans in 5-10 years if nothing is done NOW.*

This petition is calling on the Mars family as one of the market leaders along with their subsidiary Wrigleys to lead the way for mass market confectionery consumption by removing palm oil from their products. Surely there has to be a sustainable alternative, not just 'sustainable palm oil'? 

You say you use a little Palm Oil is used in your commitment to sustainability, but the average resident just in the UK eats 10kg chocolate per year and you want us to eat them daily in your classic motto: 'a Mars a day helps us work rest and play'. That's millions of Mars Bars consumed... and you create a lot of products with Palm Oil in and have done for years. This adds up to a colossal amount, not a little. Why not have a moratorium on it's use for now until we know the animals we're here on Earth to care for are safe from future harm?

It's not good enough to say you're uncertain about where your ingredients come from. If Mars cares about the future long-term investment of its company, shareholders and consumers and so, planet it needs to think about the generations coming through buying its products, thinking: "Why didn't they do something?" "Why did they create a chain for this to happen, I wouldn't have bought this stuff had I known." 

As Mars has ultimately been making environmentally cataclysmic decisions on behalf of its mostly uninformed customers, perhaps it can change and be guiding light to other global companies to develop more ethical products. It could be the first mass-consumed confectioner to have the newly instigated No Palm Oil accreditation on it's products. This makes sense as a long-term business investment decision and would be worth billions in goodwill revenue. And as part of a goodwill marketing scheme Mars could reinvest and cultivate devastated habitats. It's a magnificent idea.

Please sign the petition to influence Mars to start something wonderful, as a kid I always enjoyed their chocolate, but I can't now because it just reminds me of a dying world.

Thank you. 

*"Deforestation for palm oil production also contributes significantly to climate change. The removal of the native forests often involves the burning of invaluable timber and remaining forest undergrowth, emitting immense quantities of smoke into the atmosphere and making Indonesia the third highest greenhouse gas emitter in the world." source:

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