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I am petitioning that Grapevine will reconsider sponsoring Jonathan Garrett Allsopp with his Youtube Channel 1bigimpact.

It has come to my attention that their reasoning for declining the sponsorship is because they found that his channel does not have enough impact on the YouTube community. This is after he met their prerequisite goal of obtaining 10,000 + subscribers, which is no easy task in itself.

Here is the background of 1bigimpact and it’s origins:

Jonathan Garrett Allsopp created the 1bigimpact YouTube channel in 2012. Desperate to feel better and share his weight loss journey and tips for others he began this channel. To date he has lost over a hundred pounds and counting. Who better to help others learn about how to lose the weight and keep it off than someone who has done it and done the research to make healthy living a reality? His videos focus on health but 1bigimpact is much more than just weightloss. It is a way of life serving the person as a whole helping others to create a better version of themselves in every facet of their life. This includes weight-loss, weight maintenance, cooking tips, mental health, daily living, travel, and many other tips.

His openness, kindness, honesty, humanity, and attitude that people can be bigger than their excuses has drawn people from all over the world who not only watch his videos but have joined his facebook support group Healthy Living for a Healthy Life. It has become a supportive family environment like no other.

I found Jonathan’s videos and channel 1bigimpact after my own endocrinologist Dr. Robert Pyle urged me to start the Atkins or Keto diet in which lower carbohydrates are consumed to help my overall health back in the beginning of the fall of 2017. I had read several Atkin’s books, other low carb books and recipe cook books and was completely confused. His videos made sense and gave me the support I needed all rolled into one channel.

I could list several studies and research and get very technical but I will spare you the boring research I came up with and I will only list two pertaining to dieting in particular (I found research on mental health, substance abuse, etc. In which it pertains to 1bigimpact) :

According to US News and World Report the failure rate of diets is 95%.

According to they list 14 reasons people fail at their diet and one of them is lack of support. 1bigimpact creates videos that help empower and support the individual. If viewers choose to join the Facebook group Healthy Living for a Healthy Life they can gain futher support that they do not get in their families and community that surround them.

I am requesting that you reconsider sponsoring the YouTube channel 1bigimpact. It has made THE BIGGEST impact on thousands of people’s lives and that number will only continue to grow worldwide.

My hope is that this petition indeed made a difference in your decision and that you might join us in our facebook group too and that you will see the difference it can make in your own life. Peace.



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