Grant Clemency to Evelyn Bozon Pappa serving a Life Sentence for a nonviolent drug offense

Grant Clemency to Evelyn Bozon Pappa serving a Life Sentence for a nonviolent drug offense

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My mother, Evelyn Cecilia Bozon Pappa is a 58 year old grandmother serving life without parole for a first time nonviolent drug offense. She has been in prison 25 years without any incidents and will die there unless President Trump grants her clemency.

Evelyn is the mother of 4 children and has 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. She married my father when she was 14 and became a mother at that age. My father was a very abusive man and was involved in drug trafficking in Colombia. For many years, my mother, Evelyn was subjected to many types of abuse from my father. She is a domestic abusive survivor. After 20 years of marriage, she decided to leave him and fled to the United States. I will never forget it because I was there too. We always had to run because of my father!

I am now 36 years old and a mother myself. I was 11 years old when my mother was arrested. She was sentenced to life in federal prison. I lost my sense of security and have never felt the same since she was taken away from me. My life changed forever and my heart will never be the same until she is with us. I am aware she is one of thousands of first time, nonviolent offenders who were given a draconian, life in prison.

My mother has accepted full responsibility for her actions and used that experience to better her life and the lives of others. Since being incarcerated she has been a model prisoner who is a mentor for women in that institution. My mother completed many rehab programs. She graduated from High School, gardening, sewing, painting, theology and much more. She is the leader of the church. We need your help! Please help us! Please help us, help- her, help my family. She is in the process of submitting a clemency petition.

It serves no purpose or benefit to society to have her locked up for life. Her large and loving immediate and extended family and friends would welcome her return and she has a stable environment to return to when she is released and will receive all the help she needs for a smooth transition back into society.

Please sign this petition and ask President Trump to grant clemency to a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend who wants to use her experience to assist others and give back to her community.

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Thank you!