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The murder conviction of Crosley Green needs to gain national attention and needs someone in power who can help his ridiculous situation by getting him a new trial or getting him released! When our judicial system fails, and evidence is presented that shows there has been an injustice, such as in Mr. Greens case,  it is only reasonable to expect the courts to swiftly and quickly make right what it has made wrong. This case should not only be expedited to the highest courts for review, but Mr. Green should without a doubt be granted a new trial as an absolute minimum.

The facts are this:

--Crosley did not even slightly match the physical description of the individual reported by the female present at time of murder.

-- Multiple people were able to place Crosley at a very different location with quite a few witnesses during the time of the murder.

--The female "victim" in this case reported the crime taking place in ways that totally contradicts the evidence. I say "victim" because she had motive, and opportunity and seems by most people's accounts to be the actual murderer! Even the initial investigators believe she is not the victim but the actual murderer. 

--The female in this case draws attention to herself and looks even more guilty by not giving interviews. If Crosley truly did any of the crimes she reports, a true victim would not act like she has over the years. She behaves like a guilty person with no conscience! 

-- there's no DNA evidence, no fingerprints, no eye witnesses except those who say he is innocent because they were with him!

--And the most alarming facts of this case come from the behavior of the DA in this case. His behavior is not just deplorable, but he truly should be fired, and have charges pressed against him for his misconduct! One wrongful conviction in a DA's career is too many but the fact he has had multiple convictions overturned after the innocent men spent years in prison is purposeful! Either DA white is incompetent, and should be fired, or is corrupt, and should be fired! Either way, this particular DA has a pattern. HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

As an average citizen, it scares me that such a travesty can take place in our court systems, and even more scary that the "checks and balances" of our judicial system failed him when the facts of the case points to Crosley being an innocent man. This is not based on belief but in the actual evidence.  Review the evidence, give it to a jury, and I cannot imagine a jury out there presented with this case that could come to the same decision. Crosleys' life has been stolen from him, and his case stinks heavily of racism. The only thing that seems to connect him to this murder is that the female in this case said "a black man" did it, and well, Crosley is African American. This poor mans life may literally be taken away unjustly to cover a few people's behinds.  The prosecution in his case (Brevard County)  have already shown a pattern of corruption through getting multiple others wrongfully convicted of crimes  they did not do as well. However, somehow the others wrongfully convicted were released, and Crosley Green was not.  WHY? We cannot have Crosley Green in prison for one more minute. It is a failure of many that he is still in prison. He needs every voice to speak for him now and clearly send a message that overt racism and obvious corruption like in this situation has no place in our country! Please speak for him by signing this petition to help him get a new trial NOW!