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Steven Woods was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Even though the real murderer, Marcus Rhodes, stood up and admitted to have been the ONE AND ONLY person involved with the case, innocent man Steven Woods is still in Death Row and his execution is due Sept. 13 2011.

With this petition, we ask for Steven Woods to get a retrial before his death sentence is confirmed or denied. Everyone has the right to try demonstrate that they're innocent.

There's not much time left, please help us stop this injustice from happening.

Please spread the word and sign this petition. Give one more chance to Steven Woods.

For more information, read this post on Reddit:

Letter to
Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles
Texas Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Government of Texas.

I am compelled to draw your attention to a serious issue in hopes that you will grant clemency to Steven Woods,

On September 13 2011, Steven Woods (31) is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection by the state of Texas after being wrongfully convicted and confined 24 hours a day for the past 9 years of his life. Woods has been sentenced to die under the Texas Law of Parties. I must stress that this is not a matter of abolition, this is a matter of wrongful conviction. The evidence supporting Steven Woods' wrongful conviction is overwhelming; provided below is more information that I hope will help you better understand Woods' case:

- 3 months after Steven was wrongfully convicted/sentenced to death, 24 year old Marcus Rhodes took responsibility for knowingly and intentionally shooting and killing both of the murder victims, in a Denton County court.
- There is NO physical evidence or confession that ties Steven Woods to the murder scene.
- The murders were committed with Marcus Rhodes' own firearms, registered under his name and found under Rhodes' bed. They had only his fingerprints on them, not Steven Woods'.
- The actual murderer, Rhodes got a punishment of life in prison with parole.

The confessed shooter got life in prison with parole, and there is no evidence that shows that Steven Woods was at the crime scene or anticipated the double homicide - yet he was given the death penalty. From now until September 13 2011, you will either be actively fighting injustice, or you will be actively ignoring it.

I beg of you, please grant clemency to Steven Woods before his life is cut short.


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