Get Marlena Henry off investigation by GSD

Get Marlena Henry off investigation by GSD

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Jeramy Keomounmany started this petition to Director of Granite School District Policy & Legal Services (PLS) Doug Larson and

I made this petition to make sure that Ms. Henry's investigations are dropped. This issue affects her, and her students and we need change now! Please sign and share with others!



In March 2021, late student Marina Jensen, attending Bonneville Junior High School of Holladay, Utah, commited suicide. Our community was at a loss of words at the hearing of this news. We will forever remember her impact on our small community.

This 2020-21 school year, Bonneville Junior High made a very tedious yet concrete decision that is drawing up scrutiny from Jensen's family, peers, and mental health experts.

Yearbook editor Addison Condie noticed that there was a page from each yearbook ripped out after its publication. She had thought it was a mistake, but it was not a mistake.

The Granite School District had confirmed that school administrators had intentionally removed the page which depicted a photo of yearbook advisor and English teacher Marlena Henry wearing a t-shirt honoring the life of Marina Jensen who had commited suicide in March. It read, "Stay gold, Marina Jensen"

This quote derives from the book The Outsiders. Ms. Henry and her english classes read this every year, and also allows students to dress up as characters from the story, on a day called Outsiders Day. As a former student of Ms. Henry, this was one of my favorite days; seeing everyone decked out in black leather and greased-back hair.

In the story, one of the protagonists named Johnny, is in the hospital and is about to die from burns and smoke inhalation. He tells Ponyboy, another character to 'stay gold,' before his demise. It refers to a reference to the Robert Frost poem Ponyboy had shared when they were both hiding in a church. Johnny claims that Frost means that 'You're gold when you're a kid... when you're a kid everything's new.' He writes that Ponyboy's love of sunsets is "gold" and wants Ponyboy to protect his childhood innocence and nurture his ability to experience wonder. 

Ben Horsley, spokesperson for Granite School District, writes that the school removed the page to avoid retraumatizing students.

As a huge advocate for suicide prevention and mental health AND also having had suicidal ideations in the past, I find this very offensive. It assumes that suicidal teens are not mentally sane and that they will want to commit suicide at the mention of suicide.

Local news broadcasting channel Fox 13, is undergoing investigations about this situation at the time of writing.

This was a disrespectful act done on behalf of the Bonneville Jr. Administration. They need to own up to this. Marina Jensen deserves better. Rest in Power, Marina, and party hard.

What I strive to do with this petition is for Granite School District to drop the investigation with Ms. Henry. She has not done anything wrong.

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