It is time for the Government to help Grandparents Raising Grandkids

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The increase of grandparents raising their grandkids worldwide has created a major problem for our elder citizens. Many cannot afford to raise children in the latter years and depending on which state you live the rules and regulations made by government and courts are not equally providing for these grandparents, despite they are doing the same job of raising a child. These children would otherwise be sent to foster homes, which affect them emotionally for life, if not for their grandparents, who then face financial difficulties. The government has a budget for the foster care system, however grandparents are not recipients of these funds and do not receive the same support.  We are petitioning for legislative change that will provide grandparents a 'financial package' that is not income tested or regulated by state or denied due to regulations or personal circumstance.

A 'financial package' that will support the needs for 'each' child being raised -

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