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Give your employees holiday pay!

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My family and I had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at the buffet at the Grand Sierra. The food and the service were excellent, but as I was thanking one of the workers for being there to serve us on this family holiday, I asked if they receive holiday pay and was astonished to hear that THEY DON'T! My whole family was absolutely outraged when I shared that with them, and we would have chosen a restaurant where workers were treated fairly if we'd known the GSR doesn't do that! These people are taking time away from their families to serve ours, and they're doing a great job of it. The price of the holiday Thanksgiving buffet is $11 more than just any Thursday, and yet the workers are paid as if Thanksgiving is just any Thursday? That's completely unacceptable. 

The Grand Sierra says that it wants to "Become the region's most respected hospitality and gaming company," and one of the best ways to earn MY respect (and I'm sure many others are with me on this) is to pay your workers time and a half AT A MINIMUM for holidays (better still: pay eight hours at straight time whether the employee works or not, and add time and a half for those who do work) and be one of the leaders in the community on good pay, good benefits, et cetera. We were extremely happy with all the employees we interacted with on the casino floor, in the restaurant, and the bartenders, and we would like to know that all these employees and the rest of your staff don't have to work another holiday at straight time pay ever again. We're local residents with family who often comes to visit from out of town, and we'll be spreading the word and hoping other families will join with our own in saying we won't patronize the GSR and will encourage others not to do so until we hear that this change has been made!

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