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Petitioning Grand River Hospital President and CEO Malcolm Maxwell and 2 others

Grand River Hospital: Stop the Dismantling of the Outpatient Mental Health Programs

The Outpatient Mental Health treatment service is being dropped for children and adolescents in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. The only treatment provided will be "urgent", where a patient will receive a mere three sessions then be referred to community resources. Community services are often provided by less-trained and less-experienced staff. They often involve sliding-scale payment, long wait-lists, and are time-limited. People with severe and complex mental health concerns will be expected to move from therapist to therapist, which often fails to facilitate stabilization or recovery. Essentially, they will be left with no help. The only treatment available that comes from trained professionals is very expensive and therefore unavailable to most people in need.
Historically the outpatient treatment services have had an over 95% client satisfaction rating and yet are being dismantled without feedback from the people they serve. The broader political context is it is happening despite the federal initiative for children’s mental health.
Grand River Hospital will have lost 4 child psychiatrists and 2 clinical managers in the last 8 months largely due to the types of shifts in services and leadership.
They are not making these changes known to the community but we are here to SPREAD THE WORD.
Sign and stop the dismantling of the Outpatient Mental Health Programs for Children and Adolescents.

Letter to
Grand River Hospital President and CEO Malcolm Maxwell
Minister of Health Honorable Deb Matthews
MPP of Kitchener-Waterloo Catherine Fife
I, a concerned citizen of Kitchener-Waterloo, demand that no reductions in service are made to the Outpatient Mental Health program for Children and Adolescents at Grand River Hospital. This type of program is absolutely critical to ensure the well-being of our youth. Please re-evaluate the negative impact of the changes you are making and keep this program in place.

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