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Get toxic chemicals out of children's car seats

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We need car seats to keep children safe. A child may spend hours every week or even every day in a car seat. But 87% of car seats recently tested--including models by Graco--contained halogenated flame retardants, a hazardous class of chemicals. Halogenated flame retardants are associated with reproductive harm, disruption of the hormone system, obesity, and cancer. They have no place in a child’s car seat!

The halogenated chemicals found in car seats don’t stay put. They get into the air and stick to dust. Children breathe them in and even absorb them through the skin. These chemicals do not break down in the environment and they accumulate in the young bodies of our children, potentially leading to health concerns down the road. Graco and other car seat makers can do better!

Improvements have already been made. All car seat manufacturers have eliminated several toxic chemicals, including one known to cause cancer. Now, a handful of companies have shown they can cut out halogenated chemicals without any loss in fire or crash safety. Graco can too!

We need industry giant Graco to take the lead on this important issue. Recent testing shows that car seats made by Graco still contain hormone-disrupting chemicals in the fabric and other car seat parts that directly touch babies and children. Affordable car seats should not come with the hidden cost of exposure to toxic chemicals!

Tell Graco to detox their seats!

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