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Licensed Concealed Carry at Grace College

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According to the FBI, schools (including k-12 and Higher Education institutions) are the second most common location of an active shooter (29%). 

This makes sense, as criminals are aware that students are unlikely to have an effective means of self-defense and will provide much less resistance to attack on a campus. (more research and statistics here)

Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana is one college that currently does not allow weapons of any kind on the property, even by licensed students or staff who would be able to carry their weapon for self defense almost anywhere else in the state. As Grace College is a private institution on private property, Indiana law does not regulate the college on their decision to allow or deny concealed weapons on their campus by staff or students. Therefore, policy change by school administration is all that is necessary to preserve the right to self-defense on campus.

Legally, any person who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon may do so on virtually any private property in Indiana not regulated by the government, but if someone in authority of the property or institution asks the person to leave and they refuse, the person may be charged with trespassing. When it comes to students and staff, however, the College has much more leverage. A violation of any school policy by students or staff may result in penalties up to and including expulsion of a student and being fired as a staff member. Because of this discrepancy in the ability of the College to effectively enforce this policy upon all persons who set foot on this campus, the policy creates a vulnerability both in campus security and the safety of students who otherwise would be able to defend themselves. 

Many colleges and universities have begun to change their policies regarding licensed concealed carry, including Liberty University, Michigan State University, University of Utah, and others. Entire states such as Arizona and Texas have also been making strides towards freedom to carry as a means of self defense on public college campuses. The introduction of these policies have been a non-issue.

Lancers for Concealed Carry would propose changes to the current policy at Grace College. These changes would be similar in form to the policy adapted by Liberty University. School administrators are encouraged to review Liberty University's policy here for consideration while developing an official policy. 

Proposed Changes: Students and staff members over the age of 21 who are properly licensed to carry a concealed weapon (both lethal, ex. pistol, revolver; and less-lethal, ex. pepper spray, stun weapons) for self-defense may carry their weapon on the Grace College campus if the following requirements are met:

  1. Students and staff members must seek written approval from Campus Safety to carry their weapon on campus, and must be able to provide this documentation upon request by a Campus Safety Officer or College Administrator.
  2. Applicants for approval to carry a concealed pistol must have completed an approved firearms safety and training class designed for those with the intent to conceal carry
  3. All weapons must be registered with the Campus Safety Office
  4. Weapons must be cased or holstered at all times, and must be concealed
  5. Weapons may be stored in residence halls only if unloaded and locked in a safe that is approved by Campus Safety. Ammunition must be stored in a separate container.
  6. As already offered by Campus Safety as of the 2016/2017 academic year, students may also store their weapons with Campus Safety.
  7. Violations of these requirements may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the College.

Additional requirements with the purpose of maintaining order and security within the campus may be implemented without the complete loss of a student or staff member's right to concealed carry on campus. 

Please sign this petition if you are a student, staff member, parent of a student, or other individual concerned about the current anti-weapon policy at Grace College.

The completed petition will be given to Craig Allebach, Chief of Campus Safety; Aaron Crabtree, Dean of Students; and William Katip, President.


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