Reduce service fee/commission to Zero for PHV drivers in Singapore

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Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) Drivers in Singapore are having a very difficult time during this Covid-19 outbreak as average fare revenue per driver has been dropping drastically. Singapore is now at DORSCON Orange Alert and the majority of the population are choosing to commute less. While fare revenue drops, PHV drivers still has to grapple with fixed/variable operating costs such as vehicle rent, petrol/diesel/gas, maintenance, vehicle insurance, booking app service fee/commission etc.

This petition is targeting at the booking app service fee/commission charged by app providers such as Grab and GoJek. This fee/commission can amount to 20% of gross fare revenue that drivers collect. Removal of this service fee/commission will greatly help alleviate the costs pressures drivers face daily and reduce the economic impact of this Covid-19 outbreak on this hardworking but vulnerable group.