Allow GPs back to surgeries by closing unnecessary Covid Centres

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Covid Centres are no longer justifiable.

GPs are urgently needed back in their surgeries full time to deal with rising non-covid demand.

The very low current numbers attending covid centres, the huge depletion of GPs from surgeries, the lack of a scientific basis for the centres and the fact GPs can very well manage all their patients using their own knowledge and resources means these Centres are now potentially causing more harm than good. 

Although understandable why some felt these could be a good idea at the beginning of the pandemic when very little was known about virus transmission, and apocalyptic numbers of cases were envisaged, a lot more is now understood about these matters. A misleading, and scientifically inaccurate picture has been painted of these centres, stating somehow they were needed to keep practices ‘clean’ when science shows the vast majority of new Covid infections are in fact from ‘normal’ patients with no symptoms ! Using a combination of technology and remote assessments, all respiratory cases can be safely managed by a patients own GP without covid centres. Those responsible for creating these centres have no plausible scientific answer for why the centres continue to exist.

The time has come to immediately close these Covid Centres and allow GPs to stay in their own practices and look after ALL their own patients , which they are expert at. It’s insufficient just to step them down as GPs are still prevented from planning activities in their own surgeries in case they’re called away. To do otherwise is to discriminate against the majority of the patient population and decimate their GP services, leaving those suffering mental health problems,  possible cancer, and other physical ailments to suffer.