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Make Harina P.A.N Non-GMO

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Harina P.A.N is the basis for the venezuelan staple food, the arepa. Arepas, hallacas, bollitos, hallaquitas and even empanadas are all made with this product that is found in every venezuelan household in Venezuela and abroad. Venezuelan Harina P.A.N has never had any genetically modified organisms and never will thanks to one of the most strict anti-GMO and anti-patenting seed laws in the world. If there is anything to be proud of at the present moment with the situation in Venezuela, is this stance towards genetically modified products. We, venezuelans believe that that same standard should be held on every venezuelan product, whether it is made in Venezuela or abroad. Plese offer non-GMO or organic versions of Harina P.A.N so that the quality of your product is at the same level as it would be on venezuelan soil. We, venezuelans, are becoming more and more educated about the risks of eating food that has been modified in its DNA and would be more willing to purchase your product if it offered a healthier option.

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