Honourable Shri. Banwarilal Purohit, #TN GOVERNOR request VISIT to SAVE CHITLAPAKKAM LAKE

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We the Chitlapakkam Residents around 60,000 population plead to Honourable Shri. Banwarilal Purohit, Governor of Tamilnadu to MAKE A VISIT and Save #Chitlapakkam Fresh Water Lake in Kanchipuram District from GARBAGE DUMPING and SEWAGE OUTFALLS which has POISONED our lake water and in turn GROUND WATER TABLE is SEVERELY POLLUTED.

CHITLAPAKKAM LAKE around 50 acres is the FRESH WATER LAKE cherished by the people and it is the LIFE LINE for the residents of Chitlapakkam. It was a PERENNIAL SOURCE of GROUND WATER for the residents. GROUND WATER QUALITY was EXCELLENT and every year LAKE WATER boosted our GROUND WATER TABLE during MONSOON.

In the recent years this CHITLAPAKKAM LAKE was dumped with Garbage and Sewage Outfalls which has SEVERELY POLLUTED the LAKE WATER. This pollution has led to SEVERE CONTAMINATION OF GROUND WATER threatening the LIVELIHOOD of residents residing in the area causing SEVERE DISEASES to CHILDREN mainly.

Adjacent to this LAKE is our Government Primary and High Schools in which students are very badly infected by the GARBAGE DUMPING into the LAKE.

A petition reply from STATE POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD clearly states that Chitlapakkam LAKE DUMP SITE is UNAUTHORISED.

SEVERAL PETITIONS and MEDIA ATTENTIONS have been submitted to Authorities to stop this garbage dumping but no measures were taken to stop dumping and letting of Sewage into the lake. In support of this we have conducted a SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN to bring attention of Officials to save our CHITLAPAKKAM LAKE but so far no solution has arrived to resolve it.

We HUMBLY request Honourable Shri. Banwarilal Purohit, Governor of Tamilnadu to kindly to MAKE A VISIT to CHITLAPAKKAM LAKE and help us to SAFE GAURD the interest of 60,000 residents by restoring CHITLAPAKKAM LAKE back to its FRESH WATER LAKE STATUS.

Yours Truly
Pradeep and Karthik Avenue Residents Welfare Avenue Association, Chitlapakkam