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The Central and State Government pensioners are getting pension only after rendering a minimum of 20 years of service. Normally after rendering 33 years of service retirees are getting full pension.  In India, this pension is taxable as per existing rules. The MPs and MLAs are also given pension once they completed one tenure of 5 years and MPs, MLAs, who have put only 5 years of tenure are receiving pension, and that pension is non taxable.  Further, there are other categories of employees/officers who are also getting non-taxable pension.


This is highly oppressive and ethically wrong.  Further, even   during the term, the MPs and MLAs are getting many privileges which is not available to poor govt pensioners.  Further, every year the total number of MPs and MLAs are getting increased and the expenses towards their pension is increasing manifold when compared to the expenses towards the Government pensioners.  When the question of granting pension or other benefits in respect of MPs and MLAs there is no in depth study by any committee whereas in the case of pensioners, the govt is forming a committee like pay commission which takes lot of time to decide and even after the recommendations, the govt takes its own view to decide on the same.  Therefore, it is suggested we must build a pressure to the government to remove the lacunae and make the PENSION INCOME NON TAXABLE SIMILAR TO OTHER CATEGORIES.