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Since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, Health Care workers of Medical College Kolkata have tirelessly worked to provide care for the patients. And that's not unusual right.? That's the least we expect from Asia's Oldest Medical College

On 8th may, this was turned into an COVID exclusive hospital, the first and as of yet the only instance of a Govt Medical college being transformed into such an institution, all over India! In short, Medical College Kolkata was *LOCKED* from the world outside the COVID 19. 

So what's the issue with that.? Well, plenty of them.

1. Families that depended on Medical College Kolkata for their long term support and care are in great distress in these trying times. Patients planned for Operations/Procedures/Chemotherapies are not being able to get them. People who require monthly injections/blood transfusions are desperately trying in other govt hospitals which can't accommodate this extra patient load, at least not on time. Converting MCK or any one particular Medical college to a covid exclusive hospital denies these patients their basic human rights. 

2. Medical College Kolkata is a tertiary care hospital, which used to (and hopefully in the future, will continue to) cater to a range of patients all over the state, multidisciplinary approach with full superspeciality support. Converting such an institution to an exclusive COVID centre in the long run will be wasteful to the resources that have been put in place over the past 185 years. 

3.  In absence of a covid negative  patient pool with different ailments, academic teaching of PG and UG students are in a dilapidated state.Same goes for the interns, who are not getting the multidisciplinary exposure which is the very foundation of a medical internship programme. If the situation goes on like this for long, it risks seriously lowering the competence a doctor is expected to have and practically makes them unfit for clinical practice. 

In view of these problems, and no plans on the part of the authority to open up the hospital for patients other than those affected by COVID 19, we demand to the highest authority to #UNLOCKMCK for everyone. We also demand all necessary steps to ensure equitable distribution of COVID 19 cases to all govt hospitals / medical colleges / private institutions.