Bring Canadians home from Cusco Peru!

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Almost 500 Canadians have found themselves stranded in Cusco, Peru.  While Canada has said they are helping those in Lima, those in Cusco remain isolated and in the dark about the government's efforts to intervene with the Peruvian government on their behalf.  Military lockdown means absolutely no way to get to Lima unless the Canadian government negotiates it.  Canadians in Cusco are frightened, isolated, and running out of hope to get home.  Peru is a country that is blaming the virus on foreigners.  We must do everything we can to get these people home safely.  At a minimum they need to get to Lima so they have a chance.  

This is an emotional roller coaster for most Canadians stranded in Cusco.  They are not getting consular support, the embassy is not responding to their emails and calls.  They feel abandoned by their country, and they are in a region of Peru where internet is spotty, so they are often cut off from family and friends at home.  Further, the altitude is making them sick,and many have run out of medication.  My friend Margaret McKellar, who is stuck there with her 15 year old daughter, has a severe allergy to certain OTC medications, and could be in grave danger if she were to fall ill.  Many others have run out of their prescription medications.  And they are running out of money and hope.  Some are even at risk of becoming homeless as Peru shuts down hotels.

Please sign this petition.  We must implore our government to work with the Peruvian government to help these people get to Lima so they can ultimately leave Peru.  Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Francois-Philippe Champagne - PLEASE HELP!