Stop uranium mining in nallamala forest

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Nallamala forest is spread across five dist in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. the forest may soon face what is being dubbed as an environmental catastrophe by activitis. The forest advisory committee under the ministry of environment and forest and climate change recently recommended an in-principle approval to the department of atomic energy for survey and exploration of uranium over 83 square kilometres in as many as four blocks.

Uranium mining is an issue concerning both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Effluents generated from uranium processing could potentially join the Krishna river near by, which both states depends on.
Krishna water will get polluted and both Telugu states people will be effected.

Underground uranium mines may have high concentration of randon, which is a product of radioactive decay of uranium.people who inhale this may be affected with lung cancer and kidney issues may arise when people drink water with uranium waste. If pregnant women drink polluted water, there is major threat.

The biodiversity of nallamala would be effected and the animals will face a threat to their lives.the lives of the chenchu tribe would become worse and no crop can be grown after the mining of uranium , as water would get polluted and may not be suitable for agriculture.

If uranium mining starts in nallamala area 20000  acres  will be effected.
68 tigers ,224 villages and 122751 people will be danger and Monsoons will be effected