Justice for the harassment of the PUBDET 2018 candidates

Justice for the harassment of the PUBDET 2018 candidates

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[Sub: Demands of Independents' Consolidations on the harrasment of the PUBDET and PUMDET 2018 candidates by WBJEEB and Presidency University]

A 'spec'k of dust and a ten'tacle' of an octopus, gives you a spectacle. The few thousands of candidates from sub-urbs who had appeared for the entrance exam of Presidency University yesterday, witnessed a similar spectacle. Although they had come to write an exam on political science, their question paper lacked even the slightest relevance to political science. All of the 100 marks of their paper was allotted to 'quantitative aptitude', 'logical reasoning' and 'mathematics'. Naturally questions arose regarding what was presented in the name of political science examination.
The management's eccentricity circling entrance examination is nothing new. Ever since the entrance examination of Presidency University has been entrusted to the Joint Entrance Borad, the future of students has become questionable.

The reign of Anuradha Lohia has subjected the future of students to severe questions, ever since the Joint Entrance board has been handed over the responsibility of conducting the Entrance Examination.

On some ocassions their name was misprinted on their admit cards, while on others they were examination centres which were far from proximate. They have not been called in for counseling despite the availability of seats. The candidates wanting to study in Presidency have had to face the consequences of innumerous such inefficiencies
Countless futures have been ruined in the four years' tenure of Anuradha Lohia. But yesterday what took place in the name of Political Science entrance examination probably doesn't reflect the essence of the legendary entrance examinations of the University. According to the information put up on PUBDET, i.e. the information bulletin of students aspiring to pursue Bachelor's degree, the syllabus comprised 90 marks allotted to political science and 10 marks for English. Thousands of candidates had prepared abiding by the same. But they could not find a single question on political science in their paper. The paper had been set in the English language only, as if the students from Bengali medium schooling background didn't have the right to appear for the exam. Who's going to stand up and take the responsibility of this mental harassment the examinees fell subject to?
It remains yet unknown how the Joint Entrance board gets the right to fool with the future of candidates when a form costs 500 bucks! As soon as confusions arose around the Pol. Science paper this morning, candidates took notice of a new notice from the JEE Board which read:
This year the Pol. Science paper would comprise only questions on logical reasoning and English language.
Quite mentionably, the notice had remained invisible till yesterday. What a desperate attempt of the JEE Board to cover their inefficiencies with falsification!

Amidst such a terrible situation, we the Students of Presidency University, on behalf of Independents' Consolidation, put forward certain demands:

  1. 1. The worthless JEE Board and Presidency University management have to take responsibility of mentally harassing thousands of students. No longer the JEE Board, but in order to secure the future of examinees, the Presidency University has to take up the responsibility of conducting the Entrance Examinations.
    2. Arrangements must be made without any delay to reconduct the Pol. Science examination, abiding by the stipulated syllabus.
    3. The question paper must be set in English as well as in Bengali.
    4. A meeting must be arranged among the students and the management with agenda to discuss matters pertaining to entrance examination(such as fees, question pattern, syllabus, etc.)

Shayri Bhattacharya (8697425210)
and Indrajit Dutta (8017171680) on behalf of the
Independents' Consolidation.

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