Stop the Keystone Landfill's proposed 40+ year expansion before it's too late

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The Keystone Sanitary Landfill started as a neighborhood dump. Since then, it has already buried over 30 million tons of garbage and has now proposed to expand for another 40+ years, adding another 100 million tons of trash, and cementing a region's reputation as the dumping ground for the Northeast.

Please join this petition to tell Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Patrick McDonnell that you support our mission and they should deny this landfill's absurd expansion.  

In 2014, Keystone Sanitary Landfill ("KSL") first proposed an expansion (known as "Phase 3") with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection ("DEP"). Since then, we've learned:

  • The landfill has been contaminating groundwater for over 15 years (confirmed by DEP)
  • The first health study ever performed regarding this landfill, which focused only on air testing, found chemicals which can cause negative health effects, especially for children, the elderly, pregnant women, those with respiratory problems and other sensitive populations (per PA Department of Health)
  • The Landfill has been cited multiple times for leaking leachate (garbage juice) into a nearby creek and grounds (Notice of Violations issued by DEP)
  • The surrounding neighborhoods have been increasingly assaulted with pungent odors stemming from the landfill and the DEP acknowledges the odors stem from KSL (confirmed by DEP)
  • Property Values nearest the Landfill have decreased relative to property values farther from the site (KSL's own data)
  • Over 60% of the garbage KSL takes in comes from out of state and Pennsylvania imports more trash than any other state in the country (DEP Records)
  • The DEP has not "consistently exercised vigorous oversight of the landfill consistent with its regulatory and constitutional responsibilities with just as much concern about the rights of the landfill's neighbors as the rights of the landfill" (Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board)

Our elected public officials (United States Senator Bob Casey, U.S. Congressman Matt Cartwright; Pennsylvania State Senator John Blake and Pennsylvania State Representative Kyle Mullins) have all, in unison, supported our position and oppose the expansion. 

We've been fighting this for almost five years now. Join us in letting Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Patrick McDonnell that you still stand with us. This expansion must be denied to allow the people of Northeastern PA the opportunity for a healthier, brighter, progressive future.