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Refuse Refugees

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We the people of Pennsylvania urge Pennsylvania Legislature along with Governor Tom Wolf to deny any further admittance of refugees from Syria into our state.

I believe the vast majority of Pennsylvanians are good people. I believe that most of us would do anything to help others in need. But in a state of roughly twelve million people, we have our own issues involving Americans who are homeless, hungry, and challenged through poverty. There are potentially fifty thousand homeless in our state. This number includes military veterans, the people who volunteered their lives to defend our freedom and liberty here at home. The numbers on these people are not shrinking, and it is certain that they will continue to rise.

The state of Pennsylvania, at this time, does not even have a budget created to support our state and the residents. The gridlock on funding our state through the next fiscal year poses questions as to how a state that is finding every means to increase its revenue from the pockets of the working class of this state while still potentially coming up short, can afford to accommodate hundreds more people who will come here in the same position so many already reside in....poverty. This is not sound logic and is what is most disturbing to many of us.

We can take into consideration world events, and suggest that this may not be a sound idea to bring in "refugees" in the midst of a serious situation affecting our world. The potential that one "terrorist" could in fact enter our country under the disguise of a refugee is obviously of concern. The process used to "vet" these refugees seems quite lacking in true ability to screen all who come through our borders thoroughly and in a timely manner. The state, as well as federal agencies all have stated that the process of clearing all who may come would take up to two years. This will cause more concerns among the people of this state as the influx of refugees has already begun. They are being dispersed across the state and set free with little monitoring applied to their lives. The rapid movement to bring them in is concerning, and the inept processes to clear them is equally as concerning. 

We understand that federal legislation prohibits the states from denying residency to the refugees, but the state does have a say in where they will be placed and how quickly.  Governor Wolf is moving way too fast and doesn't have any plans that assure us that the reward is greater than the risk. Our goal here is to simply voice our opinions and sign off on a petition asking for the state to consider limiting themselves when it comes to accepting refugees, and be more open to solving the problems we already have to better the lives of citizens of this country residing in this state of Pennsylvania.

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