Let the People Police the Police

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The police are public servants. They are here to serve the people. And they're not listening.

George Floyd was MURDERED by the police, in a completely avoidable use of excessive force.

It is not enough to report them for their behavior and continue to watch people of color be marginalized and killed. Especially when they have a history of doing so.

So let the people police the police. We have a say in who our local treasurer will be, but not the people that carry guns around to "protect" us.

I propose a new law, carried out by the state, that makes all complaints and investigations regarding police officers and their history of violence and excessive force public record. With this information we, the people, should have the ability to immediately call for the firing or resignation of those officers, as a community. This can be via public forum or local election, with the officer remaining on unpaid leave until resolution.

We do not trust the justice system to resolve these issues of systemic racism in a timely manner and people will continue to die in the meantime. 

Allow the people of the United States to make local decisions regarding WHO they want to allow to protect and serve THEM. Anything less than that is oppression.

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