Beagles need rescuing from abuse and neglect

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6 beagles were found in the Olney section of Philadelphia, Pa. on March 14, 2019. They live outside in cages, 24 hours/7 days per week behind an empty industrial building. The temperature statistics for year 2018 are 86 days of 32 degrees or lower and 30 days of 90 degrees or higher. As you can see in the picture, these dogs are exposed to ice, snow, rain, wind and summer heat without humane shelter. We observed that neither water nor adequate water is provided. Dollar store canned food was found sitting nearby. Excrement from elevated cages covers the ground and ground level cages are overflowing with waste forcing the dogs to live in it. 

Pertaining to current law, it is acknowledged these dogs are not “tethered”, however the caging and the cruel, inhumane and neglectful confinement are far more deleterious to their existence. The SPCA says their hands are tied by the current animal cruelty standards, including Libre’s Law due to the word “tethered”. We were told to get the laws changed and then these poor dogs could be saved. My interpretation of this law is that dogs must not be “tethered” outside in 32 degree weather for more than 30 minutes, let alone live outside. They do not live in sanitary conditions nor do they have access to drinkable water. Is this not illegal?  The pups are of all ages, separated and the older one (s) cannot produce adequate body heat as stated in the law. These conditions do NOT meet the legal minimum standards. We can provide video of empty water bowls that we were trying to fill.

We have reached out to local and state government, the SPCA, Dept. of Agriculture, media, the owner of the abandoned building and anyone who might be able to help these dogs who are subjected to apparent abuse and cruel negligence. In addition, we have offered to purchase these dogs from the owner and have been refused. We believe the minimum of the law’s standards are not being met and implore Governor Tom Wolf, Mayor Jim Kenney and Councilman Bobby Henon to: Firstly, remove these dogs expeditiously from the owner and his abuse and negligence and secondly, please broaden the verbiage of the law to include caging and confinement and to specify clearly what adequate shelter should mean in detail.

NOTE: We have secured a rescue who are more than willing to take these pups in, give them medical care, nutrition, companionship and love.

Please help us by signing this petition so that those who could make a legal difference hear us, the voices speaking on behalf of these poor pups. Your signature will save lives.  Thank you!