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Stop cutting funds to education while rich corporations pay zero taxes.

My daughter, Navaeh needs more from her Governor.  Her future depends on it.

This year, Navaeh’s school district is going to have cut all-day kindergarten, reduce the number of elementary classes increasing class sizes, and cut back on high school guidance and the ESOL program, because of another round of budget cuts Governor Corbett has proposed.  I was counting on my daughter being able to go to school next year, but instead she’ll be in kindergarten for a half-day and day care for the rest of the day.  Governor Corbett’s cuts delay my daughter’s education and put her at an immediate disadvantage to kids who get to start school on time. And my daughter is just one of millions of Pennsylvania children whose educations are at risk. 

And the risk is big.  The proposed cuts will affect our children’s ability to learn critical math and science skills and to develop creativity needed in problem-solving that they need to get good jobs when they graduate.  It hurts our children, it hurts our economy and it hurts our country when we don’t have a fully educated and competitive workforce. 

Meanwhile, Governor Corbett is giving favors to big corporations. 

In fact, the Governor has allowed $1 billion in tax breaks to big corporations that don’t need a break at all.  Big banks and companies like Comcast, Wells Fargo and EQT are making big profits in Pennsylvania without paying their fair share. With this money, we could protect education, fix our roads and public transportation and make sure older Pennsylvanians and those with disabilities are getting the health care they need.

Pennsylvania can’t afford the billion dollar favor to corporations at the expense of our schools.  75 percent of Pennsylvania companies do not pay any corporate income taxes, while another 10 percent pay as little as $1,000 or less a year.  The tax breaks include:

The Delaware Loophole
Pennsylvania companies, including Comcast, Hershey and Sheetz, are incorporated in Delaware to avoid paying state taxes.

The sales tax vendor discount
Big corporations, like, are getting a 1% kickback just for paying state taxes on time.

No tax on Marcellus Shale natural gas extraction

Out-of-state gas companies, like Exxon-Mobil, are getting a gift from the Governor by not paying a tax on the Marcellus Shale boom that they pay in every other gas-producing state in the country.

Hard-working Pennsylvania families need the Governor and state legislators to hold corporations accountable to Pennsylvania tax-payers.


Tosha Good
Mother of Navaeh Coward, Health Care Worker

Easton, Lehigh County

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