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Governor Susana Martinez: Re-start efforts to reintroduce the Mexican Gray Wolf back into New Mexico

The Mexican Gray Wolf is an endangered species, and one of its natural habitats is here in New Mexico. With the decline of Mexican gray wolfs, since the habitation of English settlers in the south west. We need to reintroduce them into their natural habitat.

Letter to
Governor Susana Martinez
New Mexico Governor
Re-start efforts to reintroduce the Mexican Gray Wolf back into New Mexico.
In 2011, Governor Susana Martinez, and the commission of game control voted to stop assisting in the restoration of Mexican Gray Wolves into the New Mexico Area. The Mexican Gray Wolf was declared endangered in 1976. Decades ago these wolfs were plentiful, before the European settlers came and populated the area. Killing the wolves as they thought it would kill their life stalk, when in reality a Mexican Gray wolfs diet hardly consists of life stalk. Life stalk only takes up 4% of their total diet. Susana voted against continuing the rehabilitant do to beliefs that they will go after life stalk. The entire program over the spand of years has only spent 1.9 million dollars. For many years now, researchers in New Mexico and Arizona have found less than 50 wolves living in the wild. And the population of the wolves isn’t increasing what so ever. Please help New Mexico restore our states mascot, and an endangered species.

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