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Governor Susana Martinez: Make protecting New Mexico's water a priority now!

New Mexico and the Southwest are in the midst of a severe drought. What little water New Mexico has is now under threat.

And yet, since her inauguration in January 2011, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has aggressively been dismantling water and other environmental protections that have been in place for decades. She has taken radical actions for the benefit of mining companies, oil and gas drilling companies, and other industries that seek to freely pollute New Mexico's scarce resources to make a buck.

Knowing that 90% of New Mexicans rely on groundwater for their drinking water, a sane policy would work to conserve and protect that water, not allow it to be polluted so some companies can make a profit.

Write Governor Martinez now and let her know that we the people are watching and we demand that she make protecting New Mexico's water a priority NOW.


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Letter to
Governor Susana Martinez
New Mexico Governor
Governor Martinez,

Please, show real leadership in protecting the people of New Mexico by protecting our water resources instead of handing them over to private corporations to pollute.

Since your inauguration, I have witnessed you eliminate environmental regulations that were carefully put in place with input from regulators, industry, environmental groups, and the public. They were designed to protect New Mexico’s water while allowing for responsible resource development.

The water in New Mexico belongs to the public, not to private corporations. Your Administration has abandoned its public trust to balance the protection of New Mexico’s water with development of natural resources.

Your responsibility is to all the people of New Mexico. Yet your allegiance seems to lie with the mining companies, the oil and gas drilling industry, and others who pollute our water.