Confirmed victory

The use of bail bondsmen in Wisconsin is wrong for victims. Bondsmen allow dangerous offenders out of jail, with the defendant being required to only pay 10% of the bond or less. And, bond money will go to the bondsmen--not to victims for restitution and services.

Letter to
Governor Scott Walker
Wisconsin Governor
I am writing to urge you to veto the introduction of bail bondsmen in Wisconsin. In your state budget proposal, you prioritized the safety of victims of domestic violence, and you should be commended for those actions. Thank you!

However, allowing bail bondsmen in Wisconsin would take Wisconsin in the wrong direction and put victim safety at risk. Through the use of bail bondsmen, dangerous defendants would be let out of jail when only posting a fraction of the required bond. Pre-trial release is a very dangerous time for victims of domestic violence, because offenders are especially motivated to silence victims or retaliate. In fact, some states have revisited their bail bonds laws, in part because of abusers who killed their victims after being released through bail bondsmen. We don't need or want these additional problems in Wisconsin.

Secondly, the bail bonds system makes it much more difficult to collect victim restitution and the surcharges that fund victim services from defendants. As a result, bail bondsmen will profit, while victims and taxpayers lose out.

Again, thank you for your efforts to protect victims of domestic violence. Please, keep these same considerations in mind when reviewing the state budget, and veto the introduction of bail bondsmen in Wisconsin.