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Proclaim A Gastroparesis Awareness Month

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Gastroparesis is a rare disease, yet its effects can be deadly. Many people have died by complications from this disease, usually at young ages from teens to adults. I started this petition because there is NO cure for this. I personally was diagnosed 2 years ago, and am awaiting a gastric pacemaker now. It works for some, and for others it does not. I no longer have any other options remaining. I am just 30 years old and have a 2 year old daughter and disabled husband. We need a cure. We need people to KNOW about this! While Gastroparesis in itself isn't fatal, the complications it causes on the body are. Most of us have, need or will need feeding tubes, and the risk of sepsis or deadly infection is high. There are VERY few medications out there to help with the symptoms of Gastroparesis. Very few. There is not a lot of research being done as most funds go to other GI Motility issues. Which is not horrible, however, we need some help here. "While gastroparesis is not fatal in most cases, these are truly miserable patients." I am starting this petition as I want the people of WI to be made aware! I want them to know the symptoms, to encourage the research, and to teach others. More needs to be done! We need the help. We are dying because of this disease, and the ones who aren't can't live a very happy life. I am begging you please, please help us. It is really not much to proclaim a month of awareness for this disease. Help us to spread the word, to have one small "win" in this battle that we face every single day. We all thank you for your time and consideration Mr. Walker. 

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