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Expand Medicaid in Kansas

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Without an expansion of Medicaid in Kansas, many of the poorest of the poor will be ineligible for Medicaid and also will not be eligible for federal assistance to purchase health insurance.  Please let Governor Brownback know that this is unfair and unacceptable.
From a New York Times article entitled “States’ Policies on Health Care Exclude Some of the Poorest” by Robert Pear, May 24, 2013:  "People in those states [that do not approve the expansion of Medicaid benefits] who have incomes from the poverty level up to four times that amount ($11,490 to $45,960 a year for an individual) can get federal tax credits to subsidize the purchase of private health insurance. But many people below the poverty line will be unable to get tax credits, Medicaid or other help with health insurance.
Sandy Praeger, the insurance commissioner of Kansas, said she would help consumers understand their options. She said, however, that many of “the poorest of the poor” would fall into a gap in which no assistance is available....
In most cases, she said, adults with incomes from 32 percent to 100 percent of the poverty level ($6,250 to $19,530 for a family of three) “will have no assistance.” They will see advertisements promoting new insurance options, but in most cases will not learn that they are ineligible until they apply."

Without access to either Medicaid or health insurance, many will continue to visit the emergency room for treatment of a serious condition that could have been prevented or more easily treated in the office of their primary care physician.  Please let governor Brownback know that to not expand Medicaid in Kansas will be both inhumane and costly.


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