Petition to stop Floridians from inhumanely killing Iguanas

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Extreme cruelty is the result of what happens when we allow people the right to openly kill animals or other living things. Instead of being compassionate, it is the darkness of humanity that becomes seen.

In Florida - because of the overpopulation of iguanas, the state gave people the right to “openly kill” the species. Since then they have been tortured, burned, beaten, and killed in the most inhumane ways.

The state encourages Floridians to kill these animals and even suggests methods that include stabbing them in the brain, decapitating them, and shooting them with pellet guns.

There are anti-cruelty laws in Florida that are supposed to protect animals from inhumane treatment. This video constitutes the exact type of behavior that is illegal in the state. We have started a petition that demands the state of Florida bring animal cruelty charges against any person caught deliberately torturing iguanas.