Fix Florida's Unemployment System

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Right now, our unemployment system is broken because we have a computer system that has been broken since day one. It was bought for $77 million by the prior governor, Rick Scott. This petition is to urge Gov. DeSantis to engage – at no cost – my firm, an army of over 500 lawyers, to try and recoup the $77 million that we – Florida’s taxpayers – spent on a lemon. We got ripped off.

Millions of Floridians – like millions of others throughout the world – are hurting right now. They are stressed beyond belief. Many are relying on unemployment to pay the rent. To feed their families. To keep their lights on. Florida’s broken unemployment system is only adding to the stress. Floridians deserve their $77 million back. That’s $77 million that could go back into the unemployment pot and go to families in need.

I worked tirelessly to get medical marijuana passed in the state. We did it. And it all started with signatures. I worked to get a $15 per hour minimum wage so people can work with dignity on the ballot. We did it. And it all started with signatures.

Signatures are powerful. I’m urging everyone to sign this petition so my firm can fight – for FREE – to help return to Floridians the money they deserve and need.