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Petitioning Governor of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan Legislature, Carol Goss, Michael Flanagan and 2 others

Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan Legislature, Carol Goss, Michael Flanagan: Help End the EAA's Campaign Against Whistleblower Teacher Brooke Harris

The only thing our children have left in this world are adults who will either stand witness and fight (and fall) for them or adults who feed them to the profit machine. Ms. Brooke Harris is a young, award winning educator who was placed on leave by the Education Achievement Authority (EAA), Governor Rick Snyder's project that removes "failing" public schools and places them into a state detention system governed by a board he appoints. Without public accountability, the EAA does what it wants, and that includes silencing those who would speak up about the learning and teaching conditions inside the EAA. Placing the needs of her students and her community before her own, Ms. Harris has repeatedly testified on behalf of students about the deficient learning and teaching conditions inside the EAA. On May 9, 2013, she testified one too many times, and now after being placed on indefinite leave, faces a pre-termination hearing on July 15, 2013. Please stand up for our children and our community by supporting Ms. Harris. Tell Governor Snyder and his partners to end this EAA experiment now and stop the campaign against this brave young teacher.  All of Michigan, this brave young teacher is sacrificing herself AGAIN for our children. Please Stand Up Now and support her. Finally, don't forget to read the letter below addressed to Governor Snyder et al.

Letter to
Governor of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan Legislature, Carol Goss, Michael Flanagan
Chair of Education Achievement Authority Carol Goss
State Superintendent Michael Flanagan
End the EAA's Campaign Against Whistleblower Teacher Brooke Harris. Ms. Harris, brave teacher at Mumford High School who told the truth about the EAA in the state legislature, has received notice from the central EAA administration that they will be recommending her termination at a July 15 hearing. Miss Harris is a terrible inconvenience to the EAA because she keeps informing Michiganders about what really is happening inside this school takeover system modeled after the Lousiana Recovery School District (RSD). In November's lame duck session, Miss Harris testified in front of Michigan's House Education Committee about the conditions at her EAA site, informing them of crowded classrooms, of a one-size-fits-all approach to learning, of students with special needs not receiving services per their IEPs, of students who needed social work services not receiving them because the EAA outsourced that function to a private company, of special education teachers overburdened with caseloads, and so much more. Following this initial testimony, Miss Harris was placed on leave. But this did not keep her quiet...Miss Harris testified in front of the EAA Governing Board on May 9, 2013 and shared that students were dismissed and given the runaround when they tried to reach out on multiple occasions to the Governor's appointed EAA Board and to site administration. Her seniors were running out of time and telling them that this is a "startup year" and "don't worry" is not good enough. As she pointed out, "This isn't just a company with products and we can help the shareholders later. We're ruining children's lives..." A month later, Miss Harris was placed on leave for a second time, where she remains until certain termination. We want you all to know that we applaud her and stand with her. We demand that you end this witch hunt and this EAA venture now.

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