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Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) has been investigating the operations of four illegal slaughter farms located in Lee County, Florida.

Their three-year investigation uncovered the cruel, and sadistic practices that occur on these properties. ARM presented their findings to local and state enforcement agencies, including the Lee County State Attorney's Office (20th Judicial circuit district).

ARM compiled evidence documenting various illegal activities including, but not limited to the following; The sale of horse meat intended for human consumption. Dogs and puppies confined and deprived of adequate food and water. Dogs undergoing aggression training which is conducive to dog-fighting operations. Domestic and farm animals were sold for suspected ritualistic practices. Several incidents that violate The Humane Slaughter Act (the beating, stabbing, skinning alive without stunning), were documented along with other callous and unlawful activity.

Despite being fully aware of this animal cruelty syndicate and the heinous events taking place at Rancho Delicias, Rancho Anthony & Roman, Rancho Santa Barbara, and Rancho Cabrera, authorities have failed to take action against these crimes.

On April 12th, 2018, ARM held a press conference to expose the criminal conduct of these four illegally run establishments and demand local and state officials be held accountable for their inaction and blatant disregard for the suffering of animals at these farms.

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