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Demand Hunting Regulations for Florida Coyotes

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In Florida there are currently no laws to protect coyotes. There is no closed season on hunting coyotes, and no regulations on the means to hunt them. According to our statewide hunting regulations, you may use all legal rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, crossbows, bows and pistols.

Coyotes are an important part of any ecosystem, and perhaps more important in Florida due to the local extinction of the red wolf. Coyotes prey on rabbits and rodents, which can be pests to local farmers. They also prey on smaller predators such as raccoons, foxes, and feral cats that prey on small mammals, birds and bird nests, some of which are endangered. By having coyotes, ecosystems remain in check by helping the smaller survive. Also, by having a larger predator around, foliage and habitats do not get destroyed by unchecked populations of prey animals.

Coyotes are highly misunderstood creatures with a whole slew of myths surrounding them. Encounters between coyotes and livestock and pets have been limited, the coyotes are mostly drawn to pets left without protection or trash left outside. They are skittish animals and prefer not to interact with humans. As taken from a dispelling coyote myths site, as quoted " In the words of the past Chief Game Biologist for Mississippi, H.E. Alexander, “Reports of livestock damage from these animals seems to be more dependent on popular attitudes and emotional reactions to conspicuous evidence of depredations at some time and place than on actual fluctuations [of coyote populations]” "
Taken from the Florida Fish & Wildlife website, "No humans have been the target of attacks in Florida."

Coyotes are social animals, creating strong family bonds within their packs. They breed during winter and typically have their pups in early spring. For the survival of the ecosystem, and humane treatment of coyotes, it is crucial a set hunting season be put into place to help preserve these animals, with regulations on the methods used to kill them.

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