Clemency for Kentray Bailey


Clemency for Kentray Bailey

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Kentray Bailey started this petition to Governor Governor Ralph S. Northam and

Please sign our petition to urge His Honor, Governor Ralph S. Northam, to grant Kentray Bailey a pardon. Please do NOT donate to this site. If you would like to contribute to our legal defense fund, please email

In 2012, Kentray D. Bailey, an innocent man, was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 59 years in prison. Kentray did not receive a fair trial. His conviction rests solely on the victim’s testimony, which was gravely inconsistent at Kentray’s preliminary hearing, initial mistrial (resulting in a hung jury) and second trial. The victim claimed that he was ambushed, robbed, shot, beaten, and left for dead. However, the physical evidence presented at trial does not support these claims.

The investigator(s) at the Accomack County Sheriff’s Department and Commonwealth Attorney Gary Agar did NOT collect or present any tangible, physical evidence to tie Kentray to the crimes. The investigation, or lack thereof, yielded NO firearms and NO shell casings. The investigator did NOT obtain any cell phone records. Although DNA swabs and fingerprints were collected, the investigator sent NOTHING to the lab for analysis. There was NO clothing, NO shoe impressions and NO tire impressions found. The trunk of the car that the victim was supposedly transported in after being shot multiple times had NO blood in it NOR any other evidence inside that was consistent with the victim’s story. Along with no physical evidence tying Kentray to the crimes, Kentray presented a string of witnesses to establish a complete alibi defense. Additionally, Kentray's phone records show that he was having phone conversations and texting during the time the crime occurred. The burden of proof was clearly NOT met by Accomack County and no reasonable, unbiased jury would have found him guilty.

The criminal justice system in the Commonwealth of Virginia has suffered tremendously from racial inequities and outdated practices, especially in rural areas throughout the state. Time and time again, Governor Northam has expressed his interest and commitment to rectify systems that have disproportionately affected Black communities. Governor Northam has stated that moving forward, Virginia will focus on “approaching criminal justice with compassion, fairness, and mercy.” We must demand that he start with addressing the criminal justice inequities in his hometown, Accomack County, Virginia, and that begins with granting Kentray Bailey a pardon!

Kentray has spent almost a decade in prison for crimes that he did not commit however, he has not let his incarceration break his spirits or his ability to be successful. Since being incarcerated, Kentray has focused on his ability to help other people just as much as he has worked to demonstrate his innocence. He is a published author of four books and has started his own clothing line.

Our current criminal justice system does not find the value in completing thorough investigations – the system is not interested in REAL justice, more-so just getting convictions which, disproportionately affects young Black men and women. It is time for us to stand together and bring Kentray home!

Please sign our petition and share with friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you for your support in helping to exonerate Kentray from this grave miscarriage of justice!








This petition made change with 8,880 supporters!

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