The Recall of Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia

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We need to Recall Governor Ralph Northam from the office because he is attempting to take away our 2nd amendment rights. He has signed 5 new gun laws to try and limit people from buying and owning guns and has 2 more in pending to be signed very soon. We need to get him out before Virginia citizens can no longer own a gun.. We must fight for our 2nd amendment rights and step up as virginians to make this happen. Please sign the petition and help our declining state from this monster.

He has also made it legal for women to to have an abortion up to 36 weeks pregnant.

He has also allowed Undocumented Citizens the right to vote which could rig the election polls.

As some of you have seen we are starting to take donations to hire a lawyer to take this case. Our goal to reach is $2,500.00.. We are currently at $429.00/$2,500.00. We unfortunately are not allowed to use GoFundMe for this due to not being allowed to crowdfund for political reasons. If just each and every one of you donate just $1.00 we will reach our goal in no time and without being too much for any given one person. Our methods of donating are through CashApp.

Below you can see where to send

CashApp: $MajorMemeTTV

Edit: Due to issues with Paypal CashApp has become the only method of donating. Thanks for all your contributions. All PayPal donations have been refunded.

Again thank you to everyone who has signed the petition and lets see what we can do to get this monster out of office and someone for fit to take his place.

Please do not donate unless you can afford to do so. We are going through Rough Times right now with this virus going around and don't want anyone to put there self into a financial issue by donating so please only do so if you can afford to do so..

Goal $2,500... Reached $429.00

Thank You.