Recall Judge James Troiano

Recall Judge James Troiano

July 3, 2019
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Started by Sabrina Jones

Judge James Troiano of the Superior Court of New Jersey ruled that a teen accused of 1) not only raping an intoxicated girl but also 2) sharing a video of the assault to his friends deserved leniency because he came from a "good family," was an Eagle Scout, and attended "an excellent school." The judge had the audacity to express concern whether the victim's family had considered the "devastating effect" a trial in adult court would have on the boy's life.

Prosecutors reported that this perverse teen filmed himself penetrating the 16-year-old girl from behind at a dark basement party in New Jersey. As if that was not atrocious enough, the teen shared a cellphone video with his friends with a text message that read, "When your first time having sex was rape." 

While a New Jersey appeals court has reversed Judge Troiano's decision, it is clear that Judge Troiano is unfit to serve as a judge. Whether the perpetrator of rape is rich or poor, smart or dumb, rape is rape, and it has a "devastating effect" on the victim's life. Coming from a "good family" and having a bright future are not excuses for being a rapist. Regardless of your background or future, everyone is responsible for the crimes they commit and must serve their time. A judge that wants to give special treatment to people from privileged backgrounds is not a judge fit for our society.

To recall Judge Troiano, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey or either house of the New Jersey State Legislature can instigate removal proceedings. Or the Supreme Court of New Jersey can file its own motion to remove Judge Troiano. Sign this petition to convince those in power to remove rape apologist Judge James Troiano from his judgeship.


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This petition made change with 118,190 supporters!

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