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Require Stricter Safety Measures for Trappers

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On my list of what’s dear to me in life, my kids and my dogs go right at the top. Recently, my 13-year-old rescue dog Star got caught in a leghold trap while I was walking her on one of my favorite trails. I have never seen a dog suffer like this. There was blood everywhere. The trap was just one step off the trail where a child could have easily stepped in it. When I contacted the warden to alert them to this danger, they said only that no laws had been violated with the placement of the trap.

The laws must be changed. I am not asking to curb or ban trapping. All I am asking is for stricter safety guidelines for trappers who place traps in multi-use areas. Just before she got trapped, I came upon a small, handwritten sign alerting hikers that this multi-use trail area was being used to trap animals. But it was too late. Even if I’d had her on a retractable leash, the sign was not 20 feet from the trap -- she would have been caught anyway.

Please join me in calling on Maine lawmakers to require trappers to place signage at least 100 yards ahead of traps, and to set traps no less than 15 feet off the side of any trail.  

Star had to have nine teeth removed because of severe damage to her mouth from trying to bite her way free of the metal trap. I had to pay $630 worth of emergency veterinary services, and expect that amount to double before we’re done. My friend, who was walking with us, required six stitches in her arm because Star bit her as we attempted to free her.

We made it through, and everybody is on the mend. But I hate to think that I, my children and my pets can no longer enjoy the beautiful trails in our area out of fear of another serious injury. Please join me in asking Maine lawmakers to pass legislation requiring stricter safety measures for animal traps placed in multi-use areas, so we can feel safe enough to enjoy our trails again.

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