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Veto the Amendments to Senate Bill 1342

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The recent amendment to Illinois Senate Bill 1342 is establishing a clear violation of every Illinois citizen's First and Fourth Amendment rights guarenteed by the Constitution of The United States of America, the highest law in the land. Senate Bill 1342 does so by provisioning that the eavesdropping, put simply, the recording of any law enforcement personnel while they perform their official duties is punishable as a Class 3 felony for a first offense and a Class 2 felony for additional offenses. While the bill does allow for the recording of police officers in public settings the language that's used is ambiguous and unclear. Specifically, the bill does not provide guidance about citizen's capability to record officers when they arrest people among other actions. I, and any signer of this petition, agrees that citizen's have the right to record officers as they enact their duties in private and public settings. This is not menat to convey that citizen's have the right to record officers, or other government officials when they are off duty, in the privacy of their own home, etc. Furthermore, there is a threat to the security of any Illinois citizen's Fourth Amendment rights. The amendment to Senate Bill 1342 provides law enforcement officers the ability to eavesdrop upon citizens for periods of 24 hours without the approval of a court order or warrant. The only requirement to conduct this unwarranted surveillance is the signature and approval of a State's Attorney. I am asking my fellow citizens both in Illinois and across the nation to acknowledge this exigent problem and address it by petitioning for a redress of grievances to Patrick Quinn, the Illinois governor. Specifically, this petition requests that Patrick Quinn vetoes the amendments made to Senate Bill 1342 due to the conflicts it presents to a citizen's First and Fourth Amendment rights.

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